We, as the RESCUE MISSION TEAM are individuals from all different parts of the world. We are reaching out to the country of the Philippines proclaiming the power of the cross that sets men and women free from sin.

Our Team extends a hand to public elementary schools, public high schools, public colleges and public universities, that God would use us to provide computers, buildings and other school supplies in order to improve and enhance the quality of education these institutions provides.

With the soul purpose of preaching the Gospel, w
e visit local churches to hold revivals and teach evangelism there, that they will grow and see God's hand working in their lives. We visit local jails to preach salvation to the guards and inmates alike.

Our Team focuses on world evangelism by holding City Crusades in coliseums, auditoriums all over the globe and we are coordinating with City Officials and Church Pastors to make this possible. Through Gospel music, preaching and having altar call, people will come to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

If you have a calling for world evangelism you can join the RESCUE MISSION TEAM.

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